September 30th, 2014, 2:03 PM 

Actual things I genuinely care about right now:

Emailing that producer about that one show.

Finding a potential date to that one show.

How has my livelihood be reduced down to a backpack and two camera bags?

I’m having way too many “writing final papers the night before the deadline” and “public speaking class” flashbacks.

I have messed with my hair so much you’d think I’m going through a break-up.

This is my favorite sweater.

The space above my favorite coffee shop and record store is a place where people can live. How can I live there?

Why do I have to leave at 6PM to get somewhere at 7PM when it should only take me 15 minutes?

I really want to swipe this karate trophy off my boss’s desk.

These are my favorite jeans.

Is ZOOM still a thing? How can my future children be on ZOOM?

Will Tyler Florence ever make another show as great as Tyler’s Ultimate?

Why do more people not respond to panic with STAR FOX DOWN?


What was the pitch meeting for “Wahlburgers” like?


Why have enjoyed episodes of “Wahlburgers”?


How else can I go about proving that John Steinbeck is the worst?

Can I have dinner at IKEA tonight?


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