Tuesday, January 21st

Young the Giant’s second album dropped today, and so naturally I listened to their In The Open sessions, including the newest one for “Firelight” to prepare myself for some sophomore magic.

As Liz Pennock so rightly put it, “It’s 2014, I’m ready for Budapest Hotel already.” Wes Anderson’s new film needs to be here already. I cannot wait anymore.

www.indiewire-1 www.indiewire

In the world of sports, ESPN Films “30 for 30” series is debuting around World Cup build-up and former Galaxy player, forever favorite secret weapon Mike Magee talks about earning a spot on the World Cup team.

Golden Globes, Oscar Noms, Sundance, blah blah blah. The world of film is rapidly throwing information at me. I can’t really maintain everything at once. 

Paul Rudd + Amy Poehler star in the rom-com parody you didn’t know you needed, Louis CK is releasing an old project from 1998. And I have yet to see Her…or Inside Llweyn Davis (I KNOW, I KNOW) but NME released a list of soundtracks from Sundance that everyone should be excited for. And if Arcade Fire’s score for Her is anything compared to the film itself, consider me hooked.

Beautiful soul (or so I assume…but I’m probably right…) Katie Heaney has a book out that I can finally 100% relate to and I AM SO PUMPED TO READ IT. Which reminds me of a throwback to an article from Lena Dunham + Mindy Kaling. Girl power?

Favorite current photo stories:

Photo shoot with John Schneider from Jeremy Cowart shows the power between photography and connection

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 9.43.48 PM

Picture You, Picture Me: Emer Gillespie and her daughter, Laoisha.


Heart-wrenching photos of some of Kony’s survivors who have escaped the war and the impact it’s had on their community:  

Magdelena Lamunu

Ugh, BuzzFeed. Sometimes, you just get me.

There are various reasons why I wish Danny Castellano was my boyfriend, but here are the best 23 to make it easier. Along with that, even though New Girl hasn’t been on my radar, Nick Miller will always be the weird, relatable character most of my reactions are inspired from.

Lastly, leave it to James Franco to write a New York Times-worthy article about “The Meaning of the Selfie.”


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