Wrap-up the wrap-up, tie a bow on it

Matt + Kim

“Let’s Go” // Matt + Kim have the best music to wake you up. And I may or may not have impulsively bought tickets to their show in October. Maybe I should rethink the whole “sending my two weeks notice” spiel I went on today.

The Killers

They still have the signature Brandon Flowers grit but with a little softer feel. Less Mr. Brightside, more Human. What a bunch of studs.

Buddy Holly

I’ve developed a severe and sudden obsession with Buddy Holly.

“Rave On”

“Dearest” | The Black Keys cover Buddy Holly

Ben Howard

The voice on this man. Brilliant.

“Only Love”

“The Wolves”

“The Fear”

Family of the Year

I should be sorry I’m bombarding you with so much music at one time. But I’m not.

“Hero,” Acoustic 

The Shins

James Mercer’s voice is god-like.

“No Way Down”

Lord Huron

Settle down to Lord Huron’s debut album.

“Time to Run”

Out Oct. 9, Lonesome Dreams comes along at just the right time of year, meeting as it does between the beachy lightness of summer and the bittersweet plaintiveness of autumn. It straddles the seasons with disarming deftness — sunny enough to distract, sweet enough to comfort. // NPR

Walk the Moon

Listen to them. Now. They are unreal.Nothing out of this world original, but so, so, so, good. So fucking good. Everyone’s heard “Anna Sun,” but “Next In Line,” “Iscariot,” and “Tightrope” are gems.

“Shiver , Shiver”


Genuinely, whole-heartedly, passionately stating they are the best live music experience I have ever, ever had.

Of Monsters + Men

Flawless, flawless album.

“Mountain Sound” 

“King and Lionheart” 

Alabama Shakes

My dad gets all the credit for my love of Alabama Shakes.

“Hold On”


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