A year ago I apparently wrote a letter to myself as prompted by Google.

And here it is in all its cheesy, lame, hilarious glory.

 Hey loser!

(Remember Gethard’s advice: loser is the new nerd.)

A year’s over. Future self, I hope it was worth it. I hope it was full of everything you wanted it to be.

But if it wasn’t, it’s fine. Be grateful for the things that happened and get over the anxieties and worries that are bringing you down. Things will work out if you work hard and have faith in the people around you. I’m sure the year was full of exciting things to, but stay humble and genuine because you’ve learned that this is an important quality to have. 2012 was full of new experiences and if 2013 was the same, remember the good things and learn to embrace the failures. Because there were failures.

Looking back on the year, remember what to bring into the new year:

Happiness is key. Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams aren’t worth it.

The people you chose to be around define you as a person. Always surrounds yourself with understanding, genuine, funny, nice people.

Family is the one thing that will be stable in your life.

Read more. Listen to more music.

Save your money to invest in music festivals, traveling, shows, UCB, and relish in those experiences.

You probably don’t have a boyfriend or anything yet because let’s face it, you have crushes on everyone and you fall in love (not real love because remember you are Ted Mosby and Tom Hansen) with guys you can’t have. Continue to have those crushes but don’t dwell too much on missing out on someone special. Be patient. He’s out there.

I know you think/know/faithfully believe you are a weak writer but even if we are, work on your writing to get rid of that idea. Embrace your flaws of an inferiority complex and learn from it rather than wallowing over it. Love well, live well, lose well. Laugh at yourself.

Here’s to 2014.

My 2013 resolutions:

Eat well, get healthy. Healthy is happy.

Meet new people.

Read more. Write more. Listen to music.

Don’t think.

“There’s power in looking sill and not caring that you do.”

 Love, your 2013 self


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