SoulPancake moment: Rainn Wilson beats up Josh Radnor.

The Metaphysical Milkshake episode is FINALLY UP. Rainn interviews “How I Met Your Mother” and “Happythankyoumoreplease” writer, actor, director triple threat, Josh Radnor. I’ve been so stoked about this episode because it was the first project I had the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes during a shoot.

The interview is so interesting, and Radnor gives the advice of all advice: “Be kind.”

He talks about how words are influential, “transcending the ego,” happiness versus contentment, and his life’s biggest question: “How do you learn how to not apologize for sincerity?”

Another thing they touch on is personifying your resistance — what would you say to that thing that prevents you from doing what you love or the thing that stops you from doing what is good for you?

What would I say to my resistance?

Leave me alone, I’m trying to live. Go bother someone else.



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