Dear 10 year-old me, 

Some of us go through life with a solid belief in “Everything happens for a reason” — everything happens helps us believe that we can get through anything and that our experiences in life help us to grow.

For a SoulPancake street stunt, the Street Team set up a letter writing booth and asked people to write a letter to a younger version of yourself.

Dear 10 year-old me,

You don’t actually want to become a professional soccer player — that’s a pipe dream.

You’re 10. You can get into Harry Potter now. Don’t wait until 16. That doesn’t make any sense. 

You’ll meet your best friend in college. She’ll be the best person you have ever met.

Save money for all those trips you’ll want to take.

There will be a period of time where more people in your family pass away within two years than is fair. Being with family is key.

Prom’s going to suck. Yeah, you’ll be on a boat and for some godforsaken reason you’re a princess on the court, but it’s just going to be mehhh.

You’ll discover this amazing place called the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. And the rest is history.

During freshman orientation at Chapman, you’ll think you’ve found your soulmate. Calm down. You’ll fawn over this for a while. Get over it, it’s okay.

On that subject, the first guy you genuinely want to develop a relationship with will be in love with one of your best friends from high school. Go with the flow, dude. He’ll end up with the coolest girl in school by the time you’re a junior and you’ll be stoked they are together.

You’ll have amazing experiences that you don’t think you can follow through will. You will.

Don’t worry that you’re introverted. You’ll be fine.

For about eight more years, you’ll still be at the receiving end of “You should go into medicine” —- don’t worry. You won’t.

When John Ritter passes away, it’ll actually affect you a lot. Just watch more Three’s Company.

Justin Timberlake will bring sexy back.

Your idol, Britney Spears gets married. Twice. They don’t last. She won’t be your idol for long.

You’re going to experience a few not so stellar Laker years.

Brace yourself for a few unexpected deaths of favorite musicians and actors.

You’ll witness one of the most historic events in history — the first black President will be elected.

You’ll discover Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram — don’t let it ruin your life.

Keep reading. Always keep reading.

 Surround yourself with good people. Navigate towards the sincere. Laugh often. Laugh at yourself often. Don’t forget to kick ass in high school. It might not feel like it’s worth it, but it is.

Oh, and don’t use Sparknotes. It’ll fuck you over.

Love, older, less wise, worn out, me.


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