Life’s little lists

“When everything is laid out in front of you, there’s a visual┬áthere’s the anxiety-ridden, stress-triggered, whatever, you see the failure, opportunities, and outcomes in the open.”

  • My hair will never be right
  • I want to go back in time when I wanted to be a Power Ranger
  • I try too hard
  • He knows
  • I bullshit my way through a lot more than people think
  • I’m scared I never fit in to a new situation
  • Sometimes I think I like the concept and attachments of coffee more than coffee itself
  • Why is 75% of my day spent checking emails
  • He knows
  • I don’t like my face without my glasses
  • I don’t like needy people but always fear I’m a needy person
  • Do people judge me by my paranoia of thinking I’m being tracked by blog statistic software
  • I am case study of how to fail at public speaking
  • My life is really The Truman Show
  • He knows
  • My dad actually does get annoyed with my nerdy rants but has to stick it out because you know, he’s my dad
  • I’m annoying I’m sorry
  • Wait how annoying do you think I am
  • Do you know?
  • He knows
  • How do I make decisions
  • How do I make adult decisions
  • What are adult decisions
  • My forgotten dreams and potential of being a writer
  • Am I doing a good job
  • Eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Eyes
  • Sucker for a smile
  • Sucker for a laugher
  • Sucker for glasses
  • Sucker for dark hair
  • Yeah I always wear the same clothes
  • That’s not really an insecurity, but more a fact I want to address
  • Do I have OCD
  • I think I have OCD
  • Why is my life an endless loop of missed interactions and scared moments and anticipation for things I am waiting for, expecting fate to sneak in and have everything covered for me
  • Sorry for the over exaggerated sounds of despair if I forget something
  • Can people tell that I actually hate everyone today
  • My obsession of Moonrise Kingdom is genuine I promise
  • Why do I have to apologize for being sincere
  • I cry at the dad episode of Fresh Prince more than I should
  • Will I ever own my own apartment
  • Is it okay that I don’t think college will be the best experience of my life
  • The entire world knows my rolling list of these select guys I have crushes on
  • The guys that I have crushes on know that I have crushes on them
  • Why can’t I sing
  • The right side of my face is significantly higher than my left when I smile
  • Who knows
  • Who cares
  • Merrrrrr

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