Holy shit, 2012.

Paige had a panic attack that there would be no Diet Coke in Italy.

I met Horatio Sanz.

Sherlock ruined my life.

Sons of Anarchy ruined my life.

My friend asked if she should sleep or shower during a 30 min. break. This betrays a fundamental understanding of my own life & priorities.

I filmed the Gallon Challenge. Which translated to editing and re-watching an hour of people vomiting milk.

I met The Buried Life. And Gracie rapped with them.

Someone stole my debit card information and tried to spend $2,000 at a bakery. And $10,000 at a hardware store.

Kony 2012 and the simultaneous beauty and mess it generated happened.

I had my first 12 hour photo assignment day.

Galaxy game with my dad.

Sometimes I feel like the pros & cons throughout the course of my life are directly related to whether or not I remembered to feed my fish.

May & Marie was born.

A slew of brilliant concerts and spectacular comedy shows.

I got my child, aka, my record player.

I discovered the beauty of podcasts.

I like how he first offered us Mai Tais and beer but we’re just 20 year olds–you’re 19–getting smoothies at Rainforest Cafe at 10:30 at night. And we’re only here to stalk a guy that was in my class two years ago.

It was established that blondes do not “float my penis”.

I got my first tattoo.

And all the karma of the past two weeks has decided to form into one hypothetical dodgeball to the face. Launch time, now. Target, me.

I surpassed my favorite age to be and was christened into adulthood.

I got a Disneyland pass and then my feet hated me for the rest of 2012.

Jake, I’m only a freshman. Jake, I don’t have a car. Jake, I don’t have a license. Jake, I’d love to…but I can’t. Pretzel?

I’ve been homeless for a year and I still have Netflix.

My family lost some key people, but we stuck together.

It’s so weird that people have goals and ambition. I wonder what it feels like.

The mind blowing confusion of the Olympics opening ceremonies took over my life.

My emotional state of being is accurately depicted by my head down, a slow walk, & “A Charlie Brown Christmas” music in the background.

I started a killer internship, interviewed for another one that I’m starting this week, and have two more lined-up. Sometimes having your life together is overrated, sometimes it’s just a thing to keep you sane.

I met amazing people. Amazing people. (CC: Sophie, Brittany, Lei, all of the Kimmel team, etc.)

This guy in my class is underestimating and doubting my general enthusiasm for Lizzy Caplan.

Action in Africa grew like crazy.

Milk & Honey became an important organization to me.

Believe in the unicorns, follow the breadcrumbs.

The Galaxy won. Woop.

I am sponsoring a child in Uganda for Action in Africa.

I was able to vote for the first time. AMERICA.

I took the 500 Days of Summer walking tour. Alone.

I legitimately spent two hours crying in my bed watching soldier’s welcome home videos.

Chris Gethard had a hand in changing my perspective of life.

Lose well.

A lot of dreams were established this year. I had never really considered a new year a clean slate, but the opportunities and people I have met this year have influenced me into doing so.

A few things I’m going to attempt in the new year: finish at least one book a week, check off things on SoulPancake’s 52 challenge pages, meet more people, write more, and explore what the world has to offer. And eat clean. And all that typical new year, new you bullshit.

Here’s to 2013.


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