Brain Dump: I have procrastinated until now, 3:18 a.m.

I’ve made a soundtrack for a show that doesn’t exist.

IN MY DEFENSE, this is part of my TV project for class.

I’m not tired.

I am bummed I couldn’t even get into Harold night tonight. And I wasted a stellar parallell parking job that took me 15 minutes to get right.

The to-do list for tonight consist of

(1) one speech,

(2) one outline of the speech,

(3) editing one video,

(4) a finalized portfolio for my TV presentation,

(5) three peer evaluations,

(6) one self-evaluation.

The to-do list for Tuesday night consist of

(1) finishing two study guides,

(2) publishing my new media project,

(3) and finish the multitude of CDs I have building up on my computer.

My foot is asleep.

Ted Danson was on Kimmel tonight, one of my idols. Cheer’s was definitely an important show to me growing up.

Larry G(EE) had his television debut on Kimmel also, and he was indescribable.

“Yo Mama”

I’ve determined Mari is the voice inside my head. She’s the voice of self-confidence and courage whether I realize it or not.

Note to self: You’ll be okay.

Note to self: It’s 3:31 a.m. Get your stuff together.

Note to self: Now there’s no pressure. You can breathe.

I really want to go to more soccer games.

I’m stoked to see the Connecticut family.


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