Brain Dump: Monday, 1:43 am

Nine things on the to-do list before I go to sleep.

Seven things on the to-do list for tomorrow.

One movie (In Bruges) loading.

8,032 tweets on Twitter that have no business being relevant.

Two cups of coffee needed to get me through a day.

19 days until the world ends.

23 days until Christmas.

12 more days of the fall semester.

One video I need to rough cut together in the next ten minutes.

Four shows to look forward to at UCB this month.

27 books I need to buy.

Three goals to one at the MLS Cup this weekend, LA beating Houston.

Three bobby pins, two hair ties.

Four seasons of Sons of Anarchy I need to catch up on.

Eight: the age of Layla, the girl who wants a Land Before Time Sara Dinosaur for the gift drive.

Seven: the approximate number of hours of sleep for the night.

Eight days until I have to go back to Kimmel.

Five days until I have to go back to work.

One half empty water bottle.

One empty cup of tea.

One clean room.

Four boxes shoved into the closet to contribute to the clean room.

Three dollar bills with “To Katherine Love Bryce,” “For Katharine!” and “Only fer Katherine” written on them courtesy of the lovely Bryce Sherman on my desk.

19 Quoteskine prints I want to own.


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