I was on a mission.

Dad, I want you watch this so you guys don’t think I’m crazy.”

Dad: “We don’t think your crazy. I know how excited you get.”

I had a mission to make my parents understand what improv is. They see me coming home after these shows and I am always animated and excited, borderline nerdy. Okay, definitely nerdy. A few weeks ago I tried the stand-by line for a Harold show and couldn’t get in due to a film crew taking up space in the 150-seater theatre. WELL LO AND BEHOLD, a great little spotlight video on the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and improv subculture showed up. I guess I can’t be too bitter that I couldn’t get into the show.

I consider UCB a huge part of my life. I don’t take classes. I’m out of the loop with the little groups that congeal outside the little five foot walkway. At times, it bothers me. But honestly, I’m okay with it because I’m okay being the spectator. It’s a group of people that play to the top of their intelligence, and are genuinely nice people. These are the people I want to surround myself with. I’m okay being the cheerleader, the observer, being a part of that support system.

I eagerly and nervously (there is no rational reason that I can think of for why I feel eager or nervous) showed this to my mom and dad with some hope that they would be a little more interested in the little theatre I’m always at. I still don’t know how they feel about it.

But all I can hope for is a look of a little less crazy.


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