Brain Dump: Friday, 1:17 am

Wednesday morning I woke up and thought, “Today’s going to be rough.”

I think I stared into the mirror for five solid minutes and realized it would be easy to tell that I had stayed up the night before until 6 a.m. watching four episodes of The Newsroom. Then I thought, why did I stay up watching four episodes of The Newsroom? I thought I would be exhausted from the hours of Friends re-runs I had already been through.

Anyway, Wednesday morning was the start of a day of realizations.

First, I am Jim Harper. (But apparently my ultimate is Ted Mosby. I don’t know how to take that.)

“I only really drink when I’m scared.”

“You know the only reason I’m standing here is because I have nowhere else to go, right?”

“Can’t ask for more than that. Except rational thought.”

To amend the words of Albert Camus, humans are absurd heroes.

I want to marry Ben Howard.

Yogi tea is the best tea.

I drink Diet Coke when I need some kind of affirmation in my life.

My anxiety drives my hyper awareness which drives my humor. That’s my radioactive spider. (Thanks, Pete Holmes for help with this realization.)

I really like Frank Sinatra.

I still feel out of place in my internship regardless of how much I love it.

I am very upset that there is no middle-finger emoji.


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