“Here I am and these are the reasons you should like me.”

I am always amazed at how much effort some people go through to create an identity that can be perceived by others on an online platform. Whenever I have to write an “About Me” spiel, I sit and stare at my computer’s blank screen while my brain digs deep to find some unique, obscure fact. Most of the time, I end up watching The Food Network and somehow end up back on Twitter. But in order for me to make the most of this blog interaction with you, I’ll only occasionally glance up at this Great Food Truck Race episode and continue on with introducing myself.

If you feel so inclined to continue, play the video and scroll on.

 I take pride in surrounding myself with genuine, compassionate, funny people. Throw in eccentric, slightly obnoxious, and loyal, you have the perfect pie chart from God’s apology for the sometimes (all the time) overwhelming family: friends. My family and friends are the most important people in my life. Collectively, my cousins are the most influential people in my life because they basically raised me. We consider our generation to be creative. I grew up with a enthusiastically nerdy appreciation for comedy, photography, and music because of them.

Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known. | Chuck Palaniuck 

My cousins would let me stay up and watch Saturday Night Live with them and I did everything in my power to memorize Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri’s Spartan cheerleader sketch. After my dad insisted on showing me how his Canonet works, I started taking photography classes in school. And all throughout high school, I would burn CDs as gifts for birthdays and holidays because I had no money. Through this came Katherine the improv-spectator, the wanna-be-photographer, the mixed-CD-maker.

K A T H E R I N E: 10 words or less:

Daughter, sister, friend, student, commuter, fro-yo connoisseur, intern.

K A T H E R I N E: 10 points or less:

10. When I say that I am a Criminal Minds enthusiast, it’s because I am. Morning, noon, or night, if it is on, I am probably watching it. It has gotten to the point where I question my sanity if I find an un-sub attractive. But I’m also a TV/film enthusiast in general.

9. If I say that I have a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles, it’s not because that’s the LA thing to do. It’s because I want to Inception the city into having wider roads as well as shrink it down to the size of a tree just so I can hug it. So much of my time is spent back and forth through this city my mind is exploding.

8. My favorite people are genuine people. Exhibit A: Jimmy Fallon is my favorite person in the world.

7. If I admit that I am an aspiring Jonathan Taylor Thomas superfan, I AM. He’s Simba, for Christ’s sake. Where is he now? I am so curious of his whereabouts. Is he alive? I just want to know about his life.

6. My dad has taught me everything I know and love about music—those wanna be Air Force-turned-med techs know their stuff. He would (does) take his time to go through his box of cassettes in the garage and give me the background of a musician or band and quiz me in the car.

i.e., “A Crazy Little Thing Called Loved” comes on a commercial.

Dad: Ok, who sang this song?

Me: I think I know, give me a clue.

Dad: His name isn’t the band, but he died and they continued without him.

Me: …

Dad: His last name is a chemical.

Me: …

Dad: His first name is a horror movie character!

Me: …

Dad: Hg.

Me: …

Dad: Silvery, slimy, poison.


I got good at distinguishing between Eric Clapton and Neil Diamond, a skill I consider to be a resume bullet point.

5. There is a closet in my house my family collectively refers to as “The Harry Potter closet.” My family’s subtly eccentric if that is such a thing. It’s fantastic.

4. I have a bumper sticker on my car of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, which was my first step in becoming politically active.

3. I believe there are very few things more superficially disheartening than seeing a mini-van pass you on the freeway.

2. My friends have to lie to me if they even want me to consider watching a scary movie. I just can’t do it.

1.  50% of my income is spent on used books, 40% on UCB tickets, the remaining 10% is divided upon actual human necessity like food.

So that was my speil. I hope to share these curiosities and interests with you, and I hope you take away something new.


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