Milo Greene is a fictional character. But damn, he knows music.

Self-described as “cinematic pop,” LA-based band Milo Greene debuted their first self-titled album in July of 2012. After some cliched indie movie moment, we heard the band in a passing moment at the US Open of Surf the year before on a high rickety stage by the pier and made a mental note of the lineup posted. We have followed their journey ever since, from intimate acoustic perfomances and small shows, including Fingerprints in Long Beach, The Observatory in Santa Ana, and the Pasadena Make Music Festival. Even with a recent album release at the time, they were already drawing major crowds, which reflects on their talent.

The five-piece team — Robbie ArnettAndrew HeringerMarlana SheetzGraham Fink, and Curtis Marrero — met while they were each involved in their own projects, so their sound has many different influences and dimensions that come together to form their own sound. At live shows, all the members play all of the instruments, switching off in between songs. Curtis, the drummer and solid backbone beat, is the only exclusion in this dance. Live, their sound mixes folk influences and gritty vocals with harmonies, but as believers in the album versus the songs, they made a decision to keep it on the softer side with this debut. We as listeners melt into dreams, surrounded by reverbs. True to their concept of “cinematic pop,” the album reads as a score and soundtrack.

We were so stoked about this band and are extremely grateful for them allowing us to spotlight them in this venture of ours.

Favorite songs off the albumTake a Step, 1957, Cutty Love, Son My Son

For fans of: Fleet Foxes, The Civil Wars, Young the Giant, Fleetwood Mac, Local Natives



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