It took me ages to actually figure out how to analyze the idea of techne.
While others are focusing on fashion, film, music or health, mine is a jumbled collection of things I decide to spew my thoughts on. But then I tried to figure out how anyone could navigate around this space and find anything interesting.

A blog is not just about the standard structure of writing. In the age of new media, a lifestyle blog that wants to have a purpose needs to incorporate a personality and method of hooking in followers. (No shit, I say to myself as I edit this.) Blogs can be manipulated into online personas of the author, and so much goes into creating a perception or overall impression to the readers.

It is important to connect with my readers or followers by portraying as much of my personality through everything else before the actual writing. I’m here to share my thoughts on what I find interesting in the pure hope and faith that I can help someone learn something new or become just as big of a nerd as I am.

The way I formatted my blog includes cover photos that are related to a post. Not only do take into account the way the photo will be compressed into the shape above the teaser, but it needs to be interesting enough to generate a call to action. I need to get readers to encourage themselves to find the “Read Article” without the Disneyland, click me, click me flashing lights. I’m the kind of person who also needs something to be aesthetically coherent. I am Adrian Monk with those kind of things.

I also took one…a few…solid hours to generate creative categorical verbs that would group posts together: “Laugh” for comedy, “Listen” for music, “Create” for art, etc., etc., etc. This is important to me because it directs people right away into knowing what to expect. Keeping the blog simple and not distracting—a white, blank computer screen with clean lines and subtle colors—does the trick. There’s nothing in your face, nothing blatantly confusing with how to navigate through the space.

I’m all about the subliminal messaging. You know that scene in (500) Days of Summer where Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character plays the Smiths’ song when Zooey Deschanel walks by based on the sole fact she mentioned once she liked The Smiths? Yeah, that moment of Tom Hansen is the epitome of my life. I have that kind of thought processing that I’m thinking transfers over to here. My goal is to take you away from coming to my blog to read and jump to another page. My goal is to create an experience of letting you into how my brain works, why I like the things I like, why I find things interesting, and so forth. A thought catalog fan, party of one (that is not only me) is my goal.

Side note: I am always enormously impressed with the coincidences in life. For example, as I was typing out the little instance above relating to (500) Days of Summer, a commercial featuring Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True” comes on.

“Coincidence, that’s all anything ever is, nothing more than coincidence.”


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