I can’t pronounce Bon Iver as “boehn-evehr” and just stick with saying “bon eye-ver”. I can’t eat Cinnabon and I haven’t been able to for eight years. I am a Laker fan and I hate Pau Gasol. I am terrified of James Franco.

I always feel like I have to clarify things to people. Those were some of the most irrational ones. Sometimes my brain works a little faster than the words coming out of my mouth.

As a Communication Studies major, that doesn’t seem like the best character trait to have. But I did have a dad tell me I was doing a “great job at [my] major” while helping his family purchase some fro-yo. Point one in the self-esteem department.

Having this space is important to me because it allows me to sort the thoughts in my head into a relatively organized group of posts and bullet points. I guess I hope to accomplish some order in the anarchy. Even the design of this blob of a space conveys how simple and clean I want to hopefully reorganize the chaos in my brain. Regardless of what the topic is, it helps me to write out everything because I have such a hard time at putting coherent words to thoughts. I’m the kind of person that will air drum for minutes so I can think of a creative adjective for the sound of said drum.

So this is a thought catalog. That’s kind of what I feel like this is. Here’s another project of mine. Here’s another starting point I hope to keep up: a place to organize what I love into one blob of a space: music, comedy, art, movies, TV, books. Here’s my thought catalog.


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